Couple of user questions


New member
Jun 12, 2008
1. Can I manipulate the fields under the aircraft tab on the options screen? I would like to change an aircraft to always show up as Glass cockpit time.
Do i have to create a custom field for the glass time if i cannot manipulate it on the options -> aircraft tab?

2. Do I need to create a SEL (single engine land) custom category or does the program automatically pull that from the aircraft tab on the options screen for the reports?


Devin M. Hussey
Hello Devin,

You would need to go to the Options...Custom area to create your custom TAA column for now. As for SEL, Logbook Pro will generate that automatically and you should NOT have aircraft category/class type columns in your data entry area. As long as you pick a type, enter a duration, Logbook Pro will cross-reference the type and generate all the other times for you automatically. This minimizes data entry errors within your logbook by avoiding duplicate entry.