Credit on Long layover


Jun 21, 2005
Hi Paul,
I just switched a/c and now have layovers over 24hrs. Now, I'm showing 8hrs credit on those days if I place the layover location on the first leg. I don't show any on duty or off duty, or any block times. I must have something screwy in the prefs, but I can't figure it out. I'll give you some contract details and see if you can steer me correctly.

We now have a guarentee of 5hr average/day, which I can't quite seem to properly configure; we have a total trip guarantee, but not on a leg basis; also, we have a TAFB rig, but that doesn't include the report time for the trip to the release time, only the scheduled out to the scheduled in or actual in, whichever is later.

Hopefully, this is enough info, but if not, let me know.

Dan Crews
Our software does not do trip averaging. All calculations are based on the single log page. (trip averaging is being investigated for the next version)

Payroll calculations are very general; no customization is currently available to switch TAFB rigs from Duty Times to scheduled times.

My suggestion would be to turn off the TAFB rigs. And set his 5+00 minimum using the “Duty” rig set to “5+00”.