default on pull down menus


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May 6, 2003
Hello Neal,

I use the "F4" key to access the "pulldown menus".

Lets say I'm openingthe Cessna 172 as a make and model.

I then tab to the next field, the "N" number field. Logbook automaticly picks N123 every time as a default, but I dont fly thatairplane I fly N456 most every time.

So I have to "F4" again to select the "N" number.

Is there a wayto change the "default" aircraft "N" number for a make and model?

Just in case I'm not splaning to good
.....If I pick the 172 forthis entry line,Logbook will automatically pick that same aircraft Make and Modelfor the next line entry but it wont use the last "N" number used.It would be nice to be able to make all drop down fields "defaultable" but that may be a "wishlist" request unless I'm just notseeing how to doit.

Clear as mud??

Let me check into the logic within Logbook Pro and get back to you. It is designed to work a certain way such as recalling the last N number used for that type, recent 15 N numbers in the last six months, then steps back until it populates 15 N-numbers, etc. I'm upgrading systems right now. I should be able to check the code tomorrow to see more on this to answer your question. More importantly is for myself, and the beta team to take note and apply towards version 2 development/functionality. As you know version 1 is pretty much set like concrete! :)

Ok thank you very much......I just checked on something though......this 'problem' seems to be on my airport system....I know this because most of my data entry is done there.....I just tried it here at home and my system here keeps the last 'N' number from line to line....kinda maybe it's something on my end.

By the way...I just gotta say....this logbook and your support of it is the best! And it's good to have ya back home....thank you for serving.

Hate to say it but I have been having the same problem. Funny thing is, it only happens with a C172. All other aircraft seem to default to the last a/c flown. C172 always defaults to the same a/c.

I will be happy to email my data file if that helps.