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Aug 25, 2003

I have installed the new LBP and PDA software. However, when I ask the app to configure the active sync, it gives me a pop-up that says, "device not found".

I have deleted the app from my dell axim via both the active sysnc and the PDA. I have also installed the lates activsysnc.

Any ideas?


It sounds like ActiveSync doesn't recognize the device. Make sure you are connected and ActiveSync is 'alive.'


It's not a sync error but a device connection error is the issue. My only suggestion is a complete removal then reinstall for the Logbook Pro side. Pocket PC to PC communication issues are outside that scope unfortunately. I haven't had any other reports of this issue, ever, for that matter.

Let me know what you find.


When I tried the manual installation, I recieved the following error.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 4:51:27 PM, User: David A. Gerlach, synchronization started.

Database: NCSoftware

option: 1 - Overwrite existing tables
option: 1 - Keep this database synchronized

The system cannot find the file specified.

Same problem I had a while back.
David A. Gerlach said...
Is their a file that I can copy/move into the application directory that might resolve the error?
No, the ActiveSync configuration handled by the PDA Wizard will do all of that.

I suggest using Google and search on "Device Not Found" Pocket PC and see what you can find. I did so and found information such as this:

A Google Resource outlined...
Tap 'Start' and select 'Activesync'.
Tap 'Tools' and then 'Options'. Make sure that 'USB' is the selected method of connecting via the cradle connection.
Check that you are using at least Activesync 3.5.
Check that there are no other USB devices connected to the USB ports - Activesync works more reliably when no other devices are connected.
Make sure that a USB 'Hub' is not being used - Microsoft recommends that the USB cable needs to be connected directly to the PC's USB port.
Disable any running anti-virus software on your desktop PC
Again, this is outside the scope of Logbook Pro support and I will be unable to assist any further on this incident.