Differences between Standard and Professional


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Aug 19, 2002
I'm considering upgrading to Logbook Pro Professional, but nowhere on your website can I find any information about what I will gain for the extra money. Please provide some insight.


You can find the differences at this link http://www.nc-software.com/Logbook-Pro-Flight-Log-Software-for-Pilots

Here is a summary

Evaluation Restrictions: There are no time limits in the evaluation of this product which is available for free download from this web site. The only limitations are the flight log area is limited to 50 flight log entries and PDA sync is disabled until both PC and PDA products are licensed.

Standard Edition: License to install on one computer for the use of one pilot logbook file.

Professional Edition: License to install on two computer's for the use of one pilot logbook file. Additional features over Standard Edition include: PC-to-PC Sync Wizard for syncing data files across two computers, and FAR 121 and FAR 135 features.

Enterprise Edition: License to install on one computer for unlimited pilot logbook files (users). Includes Professional Edition features.

License term: Logbook Pro Desktop edition is a one time purchase, not a subscription, you are entitled to all version 1.x updates free for the life of your product. We have not charged customers for an update in over 16 years!
"FAR 121 and FAR 135 features"

Care to expand on this a little? This tells me virtually nothing about the capabilities...
These are screenshots from the mobile app which gets its information from these respective areas on the desktop software. (Not at a computer right now)

These features track the typical legality requirements of FAR 121 and 135. To my knowledge, 121 isn't used anymore since implementation of FAR 117. For airline pilots flying under FAR 117 we are currently developing APDL (Airline Pilot's Daily Log) for iOS devices which is expected to release soon. Http://nc-software.com/APDL

Ok, I'm not interested in the mobile app, just the capabilities of the desktop app. I fly 121, it sounds like you're saying there is no advantage to me getting Professional version then....
Aside from the 121 and 135 tracking, you would gain the ability to have Logbook Pro installed on 2 computers at once and the ability to sync the entries between those computers.
There is also an AirlineApps summary report in the professional edition that assists you in filling out AirlineApps applications by determining all the complex calculations that AirlineApps wants you to enter. My apologies for not mentioning that the first time