Different total times


Oct 8, 2003
I am sure there is an easy explanation but I am not smart enough to figure it out. Some of the grand totals (calculated by selecting all dates) in Logbbook Pro are more than what is in my hard copy log book. If I filter the data and put in the same dates "manually," the filtered values match my hard copy log book. Why the discrepancy? Thanks for the help.
I'd be happy to take a look for you. E-mail a backup (File..Archive..Backup) of your data file to support@nc-software.com and give me the exact examples to reference.


I downloaded the beta version as you suggested but the problem persists. I shall send you the backup file again. Hopefully you will get this one.

Sure, I'd be happy to take a look. Check first for date errors, such as a year that's way off. Go to the spreadsheet view then click the bottom left navigation bar |< button to go to the first entry. This is typically the cause.


I sent the file before I got your reply. I went and looked and you are right; there are 4 flights there taht account for the difference. Next question. The 4 flights are from August 2001 and it lists them as 8/x/01 (x= the day). Fifth entry, which should be the first is 6/8/73. It appears that the first 4 are being read as something other than 2001. What have I done wrong. Thanks.