Display Order


Jul 9, 2005
Hey Neil...

I recently logged 4 legs (4 entries) on a single day...IND-LGA-DCA-LGA-RDU and synced my iPhone to LBP.

The LGA-RDU leg is displaying first, though chronologically, it was completed (and entered/logged) last. I tried manually chaning the date 1 day forward and then back (trying to get it in the correct position), but it keeps defaulting to the first entry of the day. Any idea how to fix this/prevent it from happening again? I'm guessing it had something to do with logging via the zulu time in the mobile version (leg started after 0000Z on the 23rd, but needed to be logged on the 22nd, as that is when it was started/completed Local Time).
Flights on the same date are sorted by: Flight Date, OUT, Takeoff, Date and Time of entry. So if you don't use OUT or TAKEOFF times it will order in the order entered. To solve a sort problem use OUT or TAKEOFF times to help the sorting of your flights on the same flight date.