Display Problem with Dell Axim X51


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Feb 7, 2005

Using LogBookPro 1.10.18 (final release) and PPC 1.10.8 (final release).
When I first install/run the LBP in the PDA, all fields are displayed correctly.
(the same problem was present in the previous 2 release candidates)

When I next open the logbook page, the 'Out' field has been cutoff.
When I next open the logbook page, the 'In' field has been cutoff.

From then on, no further changes, but the 'In' and 'Out' fields cannot be seen (except for the very top edge of the 'Out' entry box)

Any body had similar problems ?


Hello Barry,

I have not heard of this nor did I receive a report from you prior to the release version.

Did you enter data in the out/in fields? Do you typically use the out/in fields?

Try opening the preferences, then closing the preferences and see if that resolves the issue.
Hi Neal,

Firstly, sorry for not reporting the problem earlier ... I was on a 6 day trip.
The reason I know it had the same problem with the previous RCs was that I went back and installed them.

The problem appears to be as follows:

If you launch LogBookPro on the PDA, the first time you enter data in the logbook section, all looks well. Every subsequent time you enter the logbook section, a little more of the In/Out labels and fields have disappeared. Keep doing it, and the In/Out labels and fields will fully disappear.

If you then exit LogBookPro on the PDA (rather than just switch) and re-run it, the display is back to normal.

I had thought it might be a display driver problem, but now I'm not sure.

If you can think of a way to get a screen capture from the PDA, I'd be happy to help.



I am unable to reproduce this issue. Are you saying the fields are changing their location or the time fields are showing the (tap here to enter...)? I cannot do anything to get the block time fields to move or overlap. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
Sorry for the delay ... been away again ...

I'll try and download any Dell updates and see if its a display driver issue
Its not a stopper for me, as I only use total time
Will let you know if anything changes


I had another user experience this issue and he took a pic with a digital camera and sent it to me. I see the issue, cannot duplicate it, but I'll review the code and see if I can ensure it doesn't happen again.

Thank you for reporting this issue.