Logged Double calendar entries?


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Aug 31, 2009
For some reason, when I have a flight around midnight it causes a duplicate entry in my calendar. It's not strictly a time zone issue, since one of the flights finished more than an hour before midnight (unless the duty day time triggered it?). Any ideas to what causes it, and how to fix it?


Do you happen to know if it's safe to delete one of the duplicate entries, or could this possibly mess up the integration between APDL and the calendar?
You can do anything you want with the calendar app, it will not affect APDL.
Just wanted to make sure. I know there was integration with LBP and calendar. Sometimes it could get a little weird if you had to import the flight again. Thanks!
Periodically I am still getting duplicate calendar entries. For instance, the next 2 weeks show duplicate entries for every flight. Any progress on this issue? Can I delete either entry of the duplicates? Which one will APDL update when I log actual times?
We have just finished completely reworking the calendar system. It will be in the next update.

In the meantime, no you can't just delete whichever one you want. One is attached to APDL and the other is just a duplicate that won't be updated (unless you're using two devices).

The only way to determine which entry will be updated by APDL is to make a change to one of the times and see which one changes. The other one can be deleted.

Alternatively, you could delete both entries and let APDL just create a new one when you update it with actual times. You could do this by manually deleting the calendar entries from your calendar or by using the delete all future events option in the APDL calendar settings.

Of course this would remove your future legs from the calendar. To re add them you'd have to go to every leg, make a small edit, and save.

All of that is not ideal I know, but it's just in the meantime until the next update is released by apple.
No worries. Just making sure I didn't have a setting buggered up somewhere causing this, and seeing if a fix was on the way. Thanks!
Now that I've deleted the legs over the next 2 weeks, it may be easier to just import them again and overwrite what's there...