Download Problem


New member
Mar 31, 2004
I am a new user attempting to download Logbook Pro. When I attempted to download using the two web options, I recieved a message stating that the installer could not be accessed or didn't exist. I next attempted to use the single file option, and initially recieved a message that there was an error reading the initizialization file. In between all attempts, I ensure AOL is minimalized and use Internet Explorer, and clear my temporary internet files. I have also tried different folders and rebooting. After e-mailing support, I recieved a direct link to the software download, and now after a 25% download I get a message saying that Internet Explorer cannot download the logbook pro file and that the connection to the server has been reset. Please Help!

Dave Brown

There are no known issues with the servers and I just downloaded the single-file download with no problem. I would suggest maybe trying the download early in the morning, if you're using a dialup connection as the net traffic is lower and you may get a higher speed result between you and the servers. If you cannot download, you can get the software on CD-ROM from our online store for $9.95.