Drop Down Lists


Mar 29, 2005
Thinking of purchasing whole package. Great Program!
Does the PDA version have drop down lists for areas such as ROUTE, and custom fields etc. IE do the drop down lists in the PC version get synced to the PDA PALM or do you have to enter the different route details, copilot name etc every time in the PDA?

I ran the PDA video tutorial but couldnt find an answer.


The PDA Companions are not stand-alone logbooks as they are designed to be add-only devices to add new information and sync to the PC upon return. Due to the fact there is no history of logbook data there are limitation such as lists of recent routes, etc. Therefore fields such as the route and custom text columns do not have drop down lists on the PDA.

Feel free to install and use the PDA Companions with no time limits and explore the full functionality of the program.

Let me know if you have any other questions I may assist with.

Hi Neal
I have installed the PDA program but wasnt sure of the answer as the unit doesnt sync with the PC version until you purchase it. I understand that the PDA is an ADD only program. . I only want to enter data once. (ie via the PDA) It would seem that it is most important the PDA version have the tools that make data entry the easiest. Once purchased Im sure it would be the only way most people would enter info into their PC. Drop down lists of prior routes flown, other pilot names etc would be a real help. Would this be able to be a feature of a future update?
The PC does sync TO the PDA regardless of registration, it's the ADDED data on the PDA that won't sync back to the PC until registered. Again, this is a limitation due to not having the full logbook on the PDA. This series was designed for devices with 2 MB memory - a few years old. Now with devices significantly advanced, it is being researched and tested to carry the full logbook data on the PDA's in the next version.

Ok, thanks. I wont ask for a timeframe for an update, but knowing that you are continuing to work on the PDA program is important. Thanks for the very qick responses!