Duplex printing -MGOEnt Universal


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APDL Beta Team
Jan 11, 2003
Houston, TX
I am running into problems trying to print my logbook for the MGOEnt Old World binder. I am using FinePrint to print the standard MGOEnt Universal Leather Flight Log (Perforated Paper) format, and selected the duplex printing option in my report options. The paper alignment is fine, but the problem is that odd pages are printed on the right side, and even on the left!

In order to have a usable printed logbook, Page 1 needs to be on the LEFT side, so that it can face Page 2. Is there any way to insert a blank page before page 1, or is there another work-around for this?


Well, half of your battle seems to be over since the margins are ok. I spent almost an entire ink cartridge and 50 plus test pages to get the margins set. I also ran into the same problem when printing page one on the left. I just had to print one page at a time. I had to tell the print properties box after I clicked print to only print page 1 of 20, then 2 of 20, etc. I also had an option with my printer to select binder printing, side to side, or top to top. This selection would put the left side on the left side but only by printing one page at a time. It sounds like the program you use is similar, in that it wants to put page one on the right like a book. We want them on opposing pages like a logbook. </font>