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Duty off time


Apr 29, 2003
Hey Folks,

Some new behavior with APDL that might be coincident with the latest importer and APDL revisions.

When I open APDL now after importing a trip, APDL will enter a time in the Duty Off block based on the scheduled arrival time for the last leg of that day even before any legs are flown. Furthermore, depending on how I try to clear the block, APDL will re-enter the Duty Off time again.

This behavior is new in that I have not had this issue prior to the recent updates. It is not a huge thing but it is annoying to have to remember to clear the block before relying on the duty day calculations.

APDL ver. 6.0.2
Sched Importer for Win 6.1.1
Northwest Airline import filter

Thanks for your good work.

John Moreland