duty time


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Oct 3, 2002
Hi Neal, best wishes for the new year. Right now, (if I'm doing it correctly)the only auto-duration time option is either out/in or off/on. I'd really like to see the addition of another field with auto-duration capability to record on/off duty times. Ideally a single column with the ability to make time entries, rather than the dual column out/off/on/in format. Any chance?
You can actually already make custom time fields so this should form no problem in the current version. Or am I not getting it??
yes, currently one may create custom time fields, which is what I am currently doing, however this involves calculating the duration myself and since I'm inherently lazy, it would be nice if I could simply enter the on and off times and have LBP calculate it for me as it currently does for flight time.
but then you would also need to have corrections for landings, shortened rest, ground time, aggrevation time etc that you need.... Not sure if it is usefull putting all those things in, since rules very per area (country)
no, all i would want to track is duty time purely for the purpose of tracking pay. However it could be used for any purpose whatsoever since I am sure that there are many pilots who would like to track special time of some sort. The ultimate would be if a multiplier could be included so that duty pay would automatically be calculated. That's probably stretching it though but a simple time calculation would be nice and I would think relatively straightforward. Shortened rest, # landings, and the other items you mention don't affect time spent on duty and while the allowable duty time may be affected by rules/regs, the actual time is not.
so, if this is involving money, wouldn't be adding (or substracting) two times be an easy job?? (just kidding). I hate sitting adding everything, but not if it involves me getting paid to do so (logging duty times ACTUALLY is duty.. maybe not flightduty... but still)
i must be working for the wrong airline! We don't get paid for keeping our logbook up to date! You're right........it is easy, it's just that LBP is so good and is always being improved. This is the wish-list forum. If you don't ask, you don't get ;-)
True, but always keep in mind, do other people need the same tool? I work for a company that provides flightpay per day... long day/short day... no difference. I never used any of the financial tools in LBP. (maybe because I just don't want to visualise the terror, HAHAHA). And if it is a calculated field, should it be reflected in reports? You understand that the implecation of that flexibility would pose great challenges on the coders/developers right?