Need Info Edit Aircraft?


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Mar 30, 2007
How can I go back an edit my aircraft entries?

I have some tail numbers that just reflect a generic 737, instead of the appropriate model such as 737-700. I want to edit those to reflect my time in that type aircraft. Hopefully, I'm just missing a setting.

If not, I'll gladly trade my resume function, for an aircraft edit function.

Hopefully the engineers can resolve my Duty issue on my open ticket. I know they are working on it right now.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


This has likely happened when new tail numbers were added by autofill.

Go to settings/aircraft. Tap 737 and then tails. Tap each tail number. Under each aircraft you can change the type to 737-700 (assuming you have already created 737-700).
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This system is significantly improved in the next build that at Apple pending review. What happens is AutoFill will pick up the type as you see it such as entering B737 and your tail. You can go into Settings and Edit the type name as Andy outlined. In the next update that you'll get what happens is we take the TAIL number that we get for AutoFILL and see if you have it in your config and if so we'll pull the TYPE for that tail so it will be assigned correctly going forward and not using the incoming generic type. This will be in the 7.0.6 version when Apple releases it.

If you don't like how AutoFILL is working for you you can turn it off in Settings/General. You may want to turn it off now and then turn it back on when 7.0.6 is installed as we have worked very hard on AutoFILL and it's working outstanding in 7.0.6.