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End of DST vs. APDL in Zulu Time

yankee clipper

Well-known member
Jul 1, 2006
Hi ya'll,
website would not let me respond to the APDL announcement about the end of DST. So, here's my question as a new post.

I am running APDL in Zulu Time, do I need to adjust anything because of the changes in DST?

Yankee Clipper
Changing the DST preference is highly recommended and required by almost all users. If the rare event that you use APDL in the way listed below then not changing should be fine.
  • Logpage is always displayed in ZULU
  • Logbook timezone is in ZULU
  • The schedule you import from your company is in ZULU.
  • You never display your logpage in local or domicile timezones.