Enterprise Edition and Multiple Palms


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Oct 26, 2006
My Girlfriend and I are both airline pilots. She recieved Logbook Pro Professional Edition as a gift. I was thinking about upgrading to the enterprise edition so that I could use logbook pro also. We both also have treo 650's that we currently hotsync on different computers. My question is if we both install the airline pilot daily logbook on our treo's, are there any problems hotsyncing the enterprise edition with two palms? and is there any way to for me to only sync my logbook data and not all the other data (like the calander and contacts) on her computer?

Thanks for the help


Yes, you both can use the Enterprise Edition and sync your Treo's into Logbook Pro. Each of you will have your own Palm Username which you must be sure to set in the PDA Wizard during the sync process. You can also configure HotSync per username as to what you want to sync in, i.e. calendar information, contacts, etc. That is a function of the Palm software and not anything related to Logbook Pro.