TREO 750 and MAC OS


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Feb 4, 2007
I am considering upgrading my old imac to a new intel based imac as well as upgrading my Palm pilot to a TREO 750 smartphone.
I would like to

1) keep all four years of logbook activity on my palm
2) use Logbook Pro

I currently use ADPL on my palm and hotsync it to my Mac using Palm's OS X desktop software. If I switch to the TREO, I am assuming that I will have to use the Windows-based Palm desktop software for hotsyncing so that I can interface with Logbook Pro. Will this create any problems with keeping/retrieving all the logbook data I have stored in my Palm over the last 4 years? Will I be able to have all this data easily transferred to Logbook Pro?

Should I just beam the ADPL to my new TREO and then hotsync it on the Mac OS to get the old data? After that how do I switch to the Windows based Palm desktop without losing data? Should I use Bootcamp or Parallels?

Anyone have experience with this?