Evaluation Copy Crashes


Nov 13, 2004
WHen I click on the on Ratings in the Options Menu/box I get a runtime error 5
WHen I click on the the Logbook Icon on the left the program also stop responding and crashes.

I am using the evaluation copy of the software.
I have a Dell computer that is one year old running MS HOME XP

Any ideas ? So far the evaluation is not going to good.
It sounds like you have a corrupt installation or data file. Try uninstalling, then reinstall 1.9.7, the latest version. If the issue continues, try deleting your data file which will cause Logbook Pro to create a new one and see if that resolves your issue.

I have already tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it. I also deleted the folder under the Program files...How do I delete the data file ?
Something is either missing or corrupt in your operating system that is causing a conflict with Logbook Pro. You may want to try installing the MDAC and JET updates per this message otherwise I recommend reinstalling your operating system from a clean start, then retry. If you try Logbook Pro on another computer I think you'll find different results as we've had no reported issues with 1.9.7 other then a copy/paste issue.

I un-installed the program and deleted the folder. I installed the Microsoft Data Access Components, the Microsoft JET Drivers would not install I got a message that said I had a new version that was already installed. I re-installed Logbook Pro. Still gettting a runtime error '5' when I click ratings, and the program crashes when I click Logbook

I am running spybot search and destroy, Mcaffee Virus and Firewall.

Re-installing my entire operating system and losing everything on my comp really isn't an option to try out an evaluation copy of software. Logbook Pro is the ONLY program I have ever had problems running on this computer.

Any other ideas ?
I also have Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed if that has any bearing

I am emailing the program and data files

The data file appears fine here with no problems noted. Confirm you are using the data file on a hard drive and not optical media such as a CD-RW? I don't know what may be the cause of any errors on your system as we have never had this situation reported in seven years of Logbook Pro's use. I Google'd 'runtime error 5' and there was quite a list of causes from viruses, tampered/corrupt registry, improper msconfig settings, etc. I'm sorry but this issue is beyond the tech support I can provide as it appears to be something corrupt with your OS and beyond that of Logbook Pro.

yes it is on the hard drive
not sure if I can re-install my operating system without losing anything. I do have XP SP 2 installed
I wish I had a solution for you, but I don't. If you had another computer to try it on, you'd see that Logbook Pro does run fine. PC's are so complex, and unfortunately fragile, there are so many things that could cause problems. Hopefully Logbook Pro version 2 using the new .NET framework will isolate itself from many of these frail computer related issues and be unaffected by items that may be causing this! Sorry I can't help any further, I just don't have anything to provide that may help.

Got it to work on my laptop but not my desktop. I even downloaded PCdoctor to fix any problems...Still crashes.
Is there an older version available that might work ?
I removed SP2 and re-installed windows on top of the current verion of XP..Its called an upgrade not a clean install. Still will not work. I have since re-installed SP2 and alll the updates.

Is there a way to just re-install the windows files Logbook pro uses ? Without losing all my data on my computer and settings and other programs
Unfortunately there's no way of doing that, essentially Logbook Pro uses 'Windows' and if something is corrupt in Windows, a virus, or some other offending program, there's just no way to determine what may be wrong with the OS. Sometimes it takes less time to simply format out and reload rather then fight your computer and troubleshoot hours on end. Sorry, I just don't have a solution for you as this is beyond that of Logbook Pro, and regardless, if I had anything to suggest, I certainly would. In these cases, I personally hate having something wrong with Windows and I just format out and reload, a day later everything runs better and works again!


Please download this file, then unzip the zip file, double-click the .bat file and go through all the "succeeded" prompts then see if Logbook Pro works. The one I e-mailed you is no good! Sorry about that!