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Sep 22, 2005
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I'm evaluating Logbook Pro and mostly it seems to be a very well produced package.

I need a searchable field to list the other crew I operate with. I also need to be able to calculate Aeronautical Experience, ie, being credited only 50% of any co-pilot time.

I can't seem to find either of these features as I evaluate the product. Are they there and I'm just not able to see them, or, is it that these features are not available?
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Hello Garrett,

Thank you for your inquiry. As for the search feature, Logbook Pro has limited search via the bottom nav bar below the spreadsheet system. We are going to drastically improve the search system in the next major rewrite. You can also force a sort on a particular column, such as the crew name column and possibly find what you're looking for easier by forcing a sort on the respective column.

I'm not familiar with your second inquiry. The best thing to do is get familiar with the Analyzer and see if you can develop a system to get what you need from that. You can also export data in various areas to Microsoft Excel, if familiar with that program, and perform much more involved analysis, write formulas, etc.

Hope this Helps (HTH)

Thanks for your response.

When you say, "You can also force a sort on a particular column, such as the crew name column ..." are you referring to a user defined column, or is there already a column for 'other pilot' that I've perhaps lost as I've been tweaking the evaluation program?
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Thanks again for your response. What I mean is not to sort ascending or descending by the field but to be able to search for First Officer Bloggs and see how many flights/hours we've done together. As far as my experimenting with the program goes, this can't be done. I can make a user defined field titled, CoPilot but can't use this field as a search criteria.

You said in your first response that the search criteria are being improved in the next major rewrite. Can you say when this might be released?

I'm evaluating several logbook programs looking to find what I want. Thus far Logbook Pro comes closest to meeting my needs but before I purchase I want to know that I can:
  1. Have a field for the CoPilot's name.
  2. Search on the field of the CoPilot's name.
  3. Print reports that will total all flight time and also calculate Aeronautilcal Experience, which in Australia is the total of all Command, Dual, In command under supervision, plus only half of all CoPilot time.
  4. Useful but not mandatory would be a search function whereby I can ask for all flights with pilot Bunter, whether he is the Captain or the CoPilot
What chance Neal of features 1 through 3 being available in the next rewrite? And, when might it be available for purchase?


You can certainly add custom fields of various types from the Options...Custom area in Logbook Pro. The search capabilities on these fields are limited. If proficient in Microsoft Excel, and requiring advanced formulas and searching, analysis, etc. you can easily export your Logbook Pro data to Excel for such purposes. I suggest taking a close look at the Analyzer for advanced filtering capabilities such as for time analysis, etc.