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Export Custom Logbook Error


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Aug 8, 2006
I keep getting an error when I try to export my custom Logbook. I want to export it to a pdf file and then print it off. However, the error prevents me from doing so. The error reads "invalid filename specified" and at the top of the box it says "dwCmndlg". Does anyone know what this is? Does anyone know how to fix it? Very frustrating!!

Hello fruz,

Ensure you are using 1.10.25, the latest version. When you export the PDF, make sure you identify the location on the hard drive and the file name correctly. If that fails, find the Detect and Repair option under Start..All Programs..Logbook Pro and run it to repair itself.
When I press the export to Acrobat Reader or any other export format, it brings up this error message. I am unable to type a filename or select a location for the output file. I also tried the detect and repair function in the start menu. I'm still receiving the error.
I've attached an image to help illustrate my issue. hope this helps


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When i try to export the file to pdf, rtf, or any other format, this error messageis displayed. The "Save as" prompt doesnt appear. The error message "invalid filename specified" appears instead.
This message is also displayed if i try to save the report. The "Save As" prompt doesnt display. Instead the error appears. I tried creating a new report template. The same results. Any ideas?

I followed your instructions as noted earlier. I also tried unistalling and reinstalling. Still...

I'm unable to reproduce this. Confirm you are using 1.10.25? Was 1.10.25 the first version of Logbook Pro you've used, or did you update from a prior version? I can only suggest to uninstall, reboot, rename C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro-OLD then reinstall 1.10.25 after downloading from our web site.

I was using 1.10.25. I restored my pc back to an earliert verison. It ran fine one the previous version (1.10.23). The auto-updater kept popping though. I updated it to the 1.10.25 and the same problem occurred. I am just about to restore my pc again. so i can use the older version. looks like 1.10.25 has issues.

Is it possible to obtain (download) an earlier version of Logbook pro (1.10.23). Restoring my pc only causes issues with other programs. However, i need to be able to export my logbook.

Am i the only one having this problem? Have you seen this error before? It doesnt appear to be just limited to my pc. I tried it on another computer and it did the same thing. Please reply...i already had to cancel an interview because of this.

No other reports of this, nor can I reproduce this. I have a feeling this is a problem related to the name of your data file. Click Help...About and at the bottom it will show the path and filename of your Logbook Pro data file. What does this information show?

If in the event the filename of your data file is the problem, which is what report exports default to, you can rename it by clicking File...Rename. Before doing anything however, create a backup (File..Archive..Backup).
Hi Neal,

I located the data file in the logbook folder under program files. I backed up my information and renamed the data file as you suggested and it still came up with the error message. What now?

Why would it only occur with the old style split binders though. I mean ... i can export Jeppesen style, approach summaries, flight time totals etc. But i cant seem to export the old style split logbook (custom or original). I tried creating new old style spilt binders. I even tried editing one of my custom split style logbooks. However, i still get the same resutls.
I was able to reproduce the issue specifically with the report you specified. The bug reference number from our tracking database is LBR1229. The work-around, if you have Adobe Acrobat installed is to print to the Adobe PDF printer item, this will produce a PDF output.

Thank you for the specific information which allowed me to reproduce the issue.

Thanks for looking into this for me...its much appreciated.

I did notice after compiling a report via the Adobe pdf print utility, that the report wasnt displaying correctly. It looked as if it was missing a page. The reports last page was 50 but it was missing page 49. I looked through the file and all of the entries appear to be there.?? However, this only seems to happen when i use the custom Old/Premier Binder logbook template. Maybe this is somehow related to the error that i receive when i try to export/save this template.