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Exporting from Expressjet software


New member
Jan 7, 2006
I am trying to take 2 years of data off my monthly pay register (pay logs) and import them to logbook pro. I am only having problems with basically 2 items
1- the date cause they are only listed as the day of the month (single or double digit)
2- the out and in times are listed as 4 consecutive numbers like : 3:00 p.m as 1500, with no colon.

Is there a way I can highlight my data from the pay register and have logbookpro recognize the dates if I were to assign the month manually; and format the times to either insert the colon automatically or should logbookpro recognize the times even without the colon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Shane,

For best results in conducting an import it is suggested to closely match the layout of the Spreadsheet Style log area. I don't recommend importing OUT/IN/TAKEOFF/LANDING times and the date column must be in a date format per your computer, i.e. M/d/yyyy.
All my times are reported in out/in times. There must be a way to import these times or this software would be useless. I am sure there is a way, its just my limited computer knowledge getting in the way. Would it be helpful for me to post a copy of the page I am trying to import from for you to guide me in the right direction? Thanx

The first problem is the DATE column (far left column). You'll need to add the YEAR and then format the column to M/d/yyyy format. Excel does not know the year value as it's only in the format of "1-Feb" which isn't going to work.

The next issues are columns E and F which I assume are your OUT/IN columns. They are not importable as a DATE *AND* TIME would be required and there is no system to use the Flight Date as the date portion. However, these columns are moot "after the fact" as you already have the duration calculated. Once you fix the DATE column, you can import A, B, C, D, and G (and whatever H is). You do need to add one additional column, which is the A/C Type. This is easy to do, add it once to the top row of column I then click the bottom right corner of the cell and drag down and Excel will auto-duplicate it to the rows below. After this you have the required minimum columns of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration.
o.k., I think I've got everything you've helped me fix so far. Now If I don't import the departure and arrival "times", how will the software be able to autofill the day vs. night landings and night time? I assume that if I do include the times (out and in) that the software will autofill the landings and calculate "night" time if I give it some perameters to define when night starts. Is that correct or am I assuming too much? Thanks again for all your help

The only thing Logbook Pro uses OUT/IN *or* Takeoff/Landing times for, as set in Options...Flight Log, is calculating duration, which you already have. Logbook Pro does not do any analysis to determine night time or landings. Autofill settings are controlled in Options...AutoFill. Therefore, if you're importing information that already contains Duration, the OUT/IN/TAKEOFF/LANDING columns are of no value.