FAA Wings Program Logging


Jun 16, 2004
Dear Neal,

Here's another one you've probably thought about...but just in case.

I participate in the numerous FAA Wings Program seminars in my area. While the FAA Counts just one of these per year, along with the associated training hours, as a BFR, I like to be able to log my attendance at each event, which may be only a month or two apart, as various topics are covered.

The FAA FSDO Office Representatives also have said that if you show regular participation in such events via being able to show attendance in your logbook, etc., that should anything happen, you are probably in better shape than if you didn't as far as Administrative actions (though obviously no promises in any situation could be extended). So, for CYA purposes, I'd love to be able to log these as Events somewhere. The one place right now is as a BFR... perhaps if the options in that area could be expanded (or customizable with additional entries by the end-user) to allow for such items that don't necessarily affect logged time, or even currency, but do demonstrate safety awareness/proficiency training?

Just a thought.


No matter where you go, there you are!

Have you considered adding a new History Event (Options...History) then logging it in the History area? The History area is used to log anything with an expiration. You can add any event you desire to track.

Dear Neal,

Hmm... I hadn't thought about that option. Since it is more of a BFR Currency type of thing as well as a series of stand-alone events that don't affect BFR except for once per year, I was thinking more along the lines of a currency as opposed to a history model.

I'll give that a shot though and see how it works out. Is this what others are doing that you know of?

Thanks in advance!

No matter where you go, there you are!