Facility to import Airline Roster into Logbook Pro


Sep 9, 2005
Hi Neal

I was wondering what the possibility is of creating an interface through Logbook Pro whereby one can access your monthly airline roster through Logbook Pro. The airline I work for uses the AIMS web platform through which we can access and download our monthly rosters as HTML files. There is a logbook on the market done by www.mikelsoft.com which allows the user to download and import the roster directly into the logbook and then also export the roster to Microsoft Outlook.

I think this will be a great facility.

I fly for a middle eastern carrier and think such a tool will be very popular amongst the pilots here. We are forever looking for more convenient ways to access our rosters on the go and if this facility is made available, I think it will be a winner.


This would be huge. Does the schedule importer have .csv output? Maybe we can import our schedules that way.
Hello Wilhelm,

I moved this post to our Wish List forum. I will investigate this functionality for a future version of Logbook Pro. Thank you for your suggestion.

Have I missed the solution for this. I did a forum search and am not finding anything. I have been using this software for more than a decade but am running a competitors software in parallel because of the lack of aims support. Surely this can be resolved by now. The last post here was 9 years ago.