FAR 121 & 117 & 91


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May 30, 2004
APDL should have the ability to calculate 91, 117 & 121 rules. After all the only reason to buy this software is to make sure you are legal to fly. I fly both 117 @ 121 so it’s pretty much useless for me.
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Hello Eric,

Thanks for commenting on this.

I would like to see all of the 121 duty/rest rules incorporated.

Sometimes I am working a 2 person crew and some times it is 3 or 4. Since I am primarily cargo the 117 rules don't help me at all.

91 and 91K don't, generally, apply to me so I cannot comment on them.

Which 91 rules? 91K?

Which 121 rules? Supplemental?
Thank you for the suggestions.

121 is not straight forward as some carriers are bouncing back and forth between the regs depending on if they are doing people or boxes...
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