"Find and Replace" command availability


Jul 21, 2005

I just purchased the route browser program and like it. However it has alerted me to several incorrect airport ID's in my logbook file (I put the incorrect 3 (or 4 letter) airport ID in the logbook).

I have several hundred entries that I would like to correct and have started to do so manually. I have looked for a "find and replace" command (or something similar) that I could use to automatically change all the incorrect entries.

Is there a command available in Logbok Pro or will I need to manually change each entry.

Thanks for your help.
I am sorry but that feature isn't currently available. If you are changing the same ID over and over you can use control + C to copy the correct one then Control + V to paste it into the correct place. You can also sort the route column by clicking on the the top of column.
Thanks for the quick reply. I have been usinf the "cut and paste" method. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an easier method.<G>

Thanks again.
Hello bq77,

Another option you could try is exporting your logbook data to CSV/Excel/Text, use a program such as Microsoft Excel to do the search & replace, then import your data back. It is more involved and for the computer savvy, but it is an option. As always, backup (File..Archive..Backup) before doing something like this.