flight numbers getting added up!


Aug 16, 2005
help! i created a column in the custom template for my flight numbers, and the report is adding them up with a total at the bottom! it's hilarious and all to see that i have flown 591494 hours of flight numbers, but this is hardly useful information.

the software has also added up my captains (thankfully amounting to 0).

is there any way to tell the program that this is a text column and should not be added up?

It sounds like you may have used the wrong column type. You'll need to add a new custom TEXT column and copy the data over, then delete your custom columns that were of the incorrect type. Time and Counter columns will show summary information.


in the options section of logbook pro, the column was created as a TEXT field, and it does not add up anything in the spreadsheet style view of my database.

the problem appears to come up, when i create the split-style, mgoent custom template. can i add text columns there? during the online tutorial, i am told that the columns cannot be changed, hidden or removed.
ok. i viewed the documentation, and it still does not tell me how to modify a column in the mgoent template from a numerical column to a text column.

i see that i can change a title, heading and the data source from which the report draws its data. but, i do not see, where i can create a column in which numerical data can go and be treated as text data.

it appears that everything to the right of the 'route of flight' column is a numerical column (except for the remarks), and everything left of the 'route of flight' is a text column.

i'm usually pretty software savvy, but this confounds me.
You cannot change the data 'type' of a column. As stated previously, if you used the wrong column type you will have to create a custom column of the correct type and transfer the data from bad to good and delete the bad column(s).