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Forced Page Breaks by date in Reports


Jan 17, 2011
I like printing out my logbook pages by year. After each year's pages, I insert annual summary printouts.

I'd like to be able to tell the report feature to force a page-break after the last flight of every December 31. The last page of the year will be a partial page and the next page will start fresh with Jan 1 (with page totals forwarded from previous page).

Bad thing about pilot's is we all have a different opinion about what makes a perfect logbook. That makes programming logbook software VERY difficult :p.

Thanks for the excellent software!

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Reports are fun to create but it's hard to meet every need, we'll have this problem solved in Logbook Pro 2012 we're targeting for later this year. I'll see if there's anything I can get into the 1.11.1 update which will start development as soon as the iPhone 2.0.1 update is completed.

Have you seen the "grouped by" reports? While the page break isn't there it does have the grouping by year.

Ahhh... The "Grouped By Year" is REALLY close to what I want. If each year were started on a new page it would be perfect! :)
I'm pretty patient and can work with what's available. Sounds like Version 2 will have some nice enhancements in functionality.