Format change??


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Nov 19, 2004
With the close of the year coming, I thought I would print out the remainder of the year's flying. I last printed at the beginning of April. It seems as though you changed the formatting of the flight log reports. The new MGOent reports have 19 lines per page, are longerand are considerably wider than previously. I was able to do a custom report to get 18 lines per page, so as my logbook continues the flow it had, but it looks strange to all of a sudden have tables that are much larger on succeeding pages in my logbook. Is there any chance of restoring the old format? With 250 pages of logbook, I really can't afford to reprint the whole thing.

The MGOent Premier and Old World binders used to be different sizes, they are now the same dimensions, therefore there was no need to have a report for each individual binder, so the report you were using may have been removed as it became obsolete. Unfortunately with software updates, things may have to change to ensure compatibility with the products such as the binders. There is no way to bring back an old report layout unfortunately. We do recommend using the new split style reports for your professional printing. I don't see these changing in version 1.x.


Thanks for the clarification. Maybe you can answer me one quick question about the paper size. What are the dimensions for the Premier / Old World paper (when cut down to insert in logbook)that is currently for sale?


The perforated section is:

Width: 8-13/16"
Height: 5-9/16"

The holes are within the left edge of that. The MGOent pages are perforated and pre-hole punched, as well as a slightly heavier paper then normal 8 1/2 x 11 paper weight.

Excellent, thanks Neal. That is the exact paper I have. Is the Premier / Old World report no longer designed to fit that paper? I noticed that you have other paper for sale now.....for the full-size landscape binder. Is that what the reports are designed to fit? In its original form with 19 entries per page, that report would not fit on the MGOent paper for the Premier binder. I'm sorry for all the posts, I'm just a little confused!


There are two paper products, one for the Old World/Premier and the other for the new Full-Size Carry Model (98-004). The reports should fit fine, I suggest using the Split Series report in 1.9.7. Your page setup/margins etc. may not be factory default which is causing it to be outside the margins, etc. Also, custom templates can specify row heights, and other settings that may shift outside the perforated margins which is why it's good to test on draft paper before using the purchased paper products.

Again, please use the Split Series reports for the best printing results. A lot of time and effort went into this area to perfect the printing process including duplexing, without the need for FinePrint - a thing of the past!