Former User...How to Get Up and Running Again


Mar 30, 2008
Had My Pda Damaged While Back. Have Not Used Adpl Or Lbp In Over 3 Do I Get Everything Back And Lbp Update, Adpl Update, Schedule Importer Update.

Is There Now An Annual Old Username, Pw And Activation Code Are Not Recoginized.
Welcome back! You can download the latest versions from our web site and use your issued name/unlock code pair to activate. If you don't know the information please refer to the Lost Unlock Code section of our policies page for information to assist you. If you don't yet have an APDL version 6 license, you can purchase one instantly online from the online store. We don't do annual fees as of this writing, when you buy a license such as APDL version 6 you are entitled to all 6.x versions free. For example, Logbook Pro 1.x has been out 10 years now and all updates have been free.
Is There Any Reason I Can't Use Old Versions For Now?

I Finally Got My Schedule To Sync.

As I Said My Pda Does Not Recognize Act Code That You Sent Me A While Back....just Say 696 Days Of Evaluation Left.

You can use whatever you had in the past, install and use whatever you downloaded as you desire. If you want to use the latest information to be up to date with bug fixes, features, and functionality the latest versions are available on our web site. If you don't have an APDL version 6 license which starts with 01-09 for Palm or 01-10 for Pocket PC, you can purchase a v6 license by clicking here. For additional assistance please submit a support ticket at