Gate Info doesn't seem to be working


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Jun 12, 2006
I have Gates selected under Settings/General/Autofill. However, no gate information displays on the Status Board Gate Info widget and I'm not receiving gate notifications of any kind. Any ideas?

Apparently your source for flight info isn't always accurate. My last leg yesterday never auto filled after we landed. I checked the info on and it had the wrong destination, tail number and times listed for our flight number.
Yeah the UTC thing gets me every time. Still, changing the date to the correct UTC date now shows a status unknown and blank fields for ASH 3730, 24 MAR leaving from IAH.
It looks like your UTC departure date is the 23rd? Therefore if you use the 23rd in the lookup it will work. Make sure your scheduled OUT is correct for this flight departing from IAH and AutoFill should find it, assuming you have the time entered correctly which you can cross-ref in UTC on the bottom of the input.

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Sorry, yes it was the 23rd. On APDL.NET it shows IAH-SAT for ASH 3730 on 23 MAR. The flight aware link is correct though.
Autofill of gate info send hit or miss. Sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't.