General Interview Reports & PIC Report?

May 31, 2015
Just curious what reports you all have found useful/interesting to bring to interviews, and also if there is a straightforward way (that Im missing) to find a specific date you hit a milestone (like 1000 PIC for example).

I believe the percentages report is interesting for an interview.

As for the date you hit a certain number of hours, there's no built in function for that so using the analyzer and changing the dates is probably the quickest way to narrow it down.
Thanks Andy! I wonder if theres an easy way to retroactively fill a "Turbine PIC" column by having it auto-populate from another column or combination thereof? The auto-populate function only seems to work present moment forward...
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Autofill is not retroactive...

If it is a just a specific date range you need autofilled we can do that. Just send us your backup file to the help desk with the request.

However, a Custom Turbine PIC column is not recommended. Logbook Pro already tracks that and more in the analyzer. Totals are available natively or through the use of various filters in the analyzer. Using the power characteristics filter you can exclude all piston time and only show turbine time. This would make duration = total turbine and PIC = TURBINE PIC. A custom Turbine PIC column can introduce human logging errors into your logbook.