Global Replace?

Jul 2, 2004
Dear Neal,

I would like to change an the aircraft indetified for many flights. Is there a globe replace function where I can make one change that will effect all the flights with that same aircraft identifier?
This is as a result of having made an ommision in the Aircraft tab of the options page. I originally only defined a "C-152" and assigned a call sign for a 152 Aerobat to that aircraft identifier. I have now added a "C-152 Aerobat" definition and want to change all the aircraft identified by one particular call sign to the C-152 Aerobat definition. Thank you very much.

Logbook Pro has a unique system built in where if you change the Aircraft Type designation in Options...Aircraft, all the flight log entries using the old type name will automatically change to the new type name. So I think you need to remove your new type designation and simply rename the old one (the one you want to change) to the new designation.

For example:

I have a Type named 'C-152'

I now want to change all entries in Logbook Pro that use 'C-152' to 'C-152 Aerobat'

All you have to do is go into Options...Aircraft and change the Type from 'C-152' to 'C-152 Aerobat' then you'll notice in the Logbook area that all the types are adjust accordingly.

There is no global search/replace functionality. The only alternative is to do an export, use a program such as Microsoft Excel for the global search/replace, then import the data back in. Be sure you backup your logbook prior to performing any operation like this to have something to rollback to should something go wrong.