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Graphing Questions


Jan 19, 2002
I have a couple of questions regarding the graphing functions of LogbookPro... Suppose I wanted a graph of all the time I have just in Cessna 207's by tail number. Is it possible to graph this?? Is there any way to run information from the Explorer thru the graphs? Also, I have noticed that on graphs with a small amount of information, when the mouse is rolled over the graph the value for that particular section of the graph is given.
Example: (C-207; 395.7)
but when the graph contains a larger amount of information, these values do not appear when the mouse is rolled over the graph. Is there a cutoff point?? Did I accidentally unselect that function? Thanks,

The graphs are preset, there is no way in the current version to customize the graph output.

As for the values showing on a mouse_over, make sure the Values button on the toolbar is NOT depressed. That forces values to always show. If this is not depressed, then when moving your mouse over the bars the value of the bar will show.

Let me know if this doesn't resolve your issue. Also, be sure you are using the latest version of Logbook Pro which is 1.6.214.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.