Having trouble syncing Pocket PC to logbook pro


Nov 8, 2004
I decided to try out logbook pro and pocket pc to see if this product is something I can use. I decided to go ahead and buy it after a week of flying.

The problem is I have registered both logbook pro and logbook pocketpc and now I can't get them to sync.

Is there a step that I am missing? When I go to PDA companion under import pocket pc data I can't click on it.



Ensure you have entered your Pocket PC companion key code on the ** PC ** under the PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion menu. The PC must have both the PC and PPC registration to allow sync, as well as the PPC registered. Once all 'ends' are registered, and ActiveSync was configured EXACTLY as outlined in the documentation, after entering new flight information you should see the merge queue 'come alive' saying it has data to be merged into Logbook Pro.

It finally worked. I didn't think i needed to register all 3 ends. Once I did that it worked. Only problem is it uploaded only half of my weeks work instead of the whole week. Any ideas why that might happen?
No, I'm not sure why/how that could have happened. On the PPC, purge the data so it starts fresh, which can be done from the Tools..Purge... then you should be good to go. Write down any entries that may be on the PPC first in case you need to re-enter them. The purge will reset the sync system. You may try another ActiveSync in case it ended early and didn't retrieve all the data. Haven't heard of this happening, so I really don't have an answer at this time. Let me know if it happens again after doing a purge to reset the PPC data system.

Okay i purged the system and then entered 10 flights into my pocket PC.

Only 5 of them synched with my logbook. All 10 are still in my PPC but they won't synch up.
I suggest removing and reinstalling on your PPC, also deleting the ActiveSync partnership and starting over. When flights are sync'd to the PC properly, they are removed from the PPC automatically. If that's not happening something is configured incorrectly. Please follow these steps to properly purge Logbook Pro from your PPC. Also ensure you're using ActiveSync 3.7.1, the latest and Pocket Access is selected, per the documentation.

no i mean i need the initial setup page where we have to follow the directions step by step and then unselect a bunch of stuff. So there is only 4 of this selected and 9 of that selected.

yeah that's about as clear as mud.
Well I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. Also I went though and tried to go through the import database steps but at the end of it I get a. 'this program is allready running and can not configure'
Well I did all that. Shut it down, turned it back on and still nothing. It keeps telling me the database is being used and the command could not be completed.

Database: NCSoftware

option: 1 - Overwrite existing tables
option: 1 - Keep this database synchronized

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

It says there is some sort of problem converting microsoft access to pocket pc.
The "database already exists" is a bug in ActiveSync 3.7.1 which is overcome by following the steps here:


You MUST remove Logbook Pro and delete the folder from the PPC before reaccomplishing the ActiveSync. If it says the "database already exists" then you did not purge the PPC according to the instructions in the link above.