Syncing Logbook Pro Mobile to Desktop


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Sep 3, 2013

Entering flights in iOS mobile (iPad) and syncing to the cloud.. I am seeing that the flights are not syncing to the desktop in the order I would like.. example.. I flew PHX-TUS // TUS-PHX //PHX-AUS... Cloud sync to desktop shows TUS-PHX // PHX-AUS // PHX-TUS.. I am entering times in UTC on mobile device, is there a setting I am overlooking that would sync to desktop in the correct flight order?
I went thru some of your you tube videos and did not see anything that stood out regarding this
Started syncing from LBP mobile FEB since my PPC was delisted from schedule importer

Correct order should be

What are the zulu times? there's an error with zulu times that cross midnight being placed on the wrong date.

And just to clarify, this is on Logbook Pro mobile, not APDL. Is that correct?
I'd be willing to bet the date of the OOOI times needs to be sequenced forward on the following flights:

(I can't quite decipher the correct order of the 2-4 flights but I suspect this is the erroneous one)
Ok.. Finding that by not entering in/off/on/in times, just total flight time, it's syncing in correct order.. I would like to be able to move, add flights in the flight edit page.. Example.. All added flights are put at bottom.. If a flight is added to a given day, I would like to click edit, and move the leg into the proper order slot.. Similar to other IOS8 edits.. You can move cities into prefer order.. See Aero weather app, weather channel app etc..

I am having the same problem. I log all my flights as I go by leg on the android mobile app. When I sync, they show up out of the order in which they were flown on the desktop. For example, on the 27th of September I flew:

(Times are in UTC. UTC is selected under settings on the mobile app)

AVL- CLT 19:59-21:26
CLT-TYS 22:24-23:23
TYS-CLT 23:55-01:29
CLT-EVV 02:21-03:45

On the app and on the desktop this is the order they show up in:

CLT-EVV 02:21-03:45
AVL- CLT 19:59-21:26
CLT-TYS 22:24-23:23
TYS-CLT 23:55-01:29

I think the problem is that they are put in order by time but I am located on the east coast so 02:21UTC on the 27th is actually 22:21 eastern at night not 02:21 in the morning. So this flight should be listed at the end of the list. I think a simple fix would be to change the date of that CLT-EVV flight but I would like to keep the correct date on the flight.
Yes, I understand that, but if I fly a flight at 10pm eastern time on the 27th and log it in UTC time which would be 0200 UTC then it will automatically moves that flight and places it in order like it was flown at 2AM in the morning on the 27th which is wrong.
I found the problem, even though the date of the flight at the top of the entry was the 27th, the date next to the OUT/ IN times was the 26th. Unfortunately This problem is going back to the beginning of the moth for me and I sync and purge flights from the app after all of my trips. I have a few more of these mistakes on previous trips. Is there any way to change this on the desktop version because the flights are no longer stored in the app?