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Jun 24, 2005
I am a new user to logbookpro and have tried three times to import my FlightlevelExport.txt file that Neal Culiner was so kind to convert for me twice. BUT>I have tried several times to do it with no luck. Logbookpro is showing I have 351,426 hours. I have only been flying for 21 years and 7 of that is 121. I wish I had that kind of hours!!!I have done it as he has explained in our many e-mailsand it only imports 2275 out of 2402 records. I like there programs and all the add ons (ie. single sync, schedule importer)verses FlightLevel (he actually answers the phone but he is such a jerk). As usual customer support is not would it could be. I really don't want to ask for my money back. I am at my wits end and would like to ask if anyone out there that is an expertwith this program that lives in the Flower Mound, TX area that would like to get together some day and just get it done. I will buy you lunch or all the brew you can drink or both. Heres my e-mail if you are willing:


I sent you an e-mail earlier regarding this same topic. I suggest you first regress to the backup created during the import wizard process. Then start the Import Wizard again, select MINUTES from the lower left options, select your import file, then go through and map the columns and perform the import. If you can't get it to work, I'd be happy to do the import for you. But it is a very simple process you should be able to do. The issue is that you are not setting MINUTES as the source time format so it is counting every minute as an hour.

I don't understand your message other than it didn't work. Confirm you restored your data file prior to the import so none of the data you erroneously imported is existent? Or if you had no data previously, click File...Delete Logbook and delete it permanently and Logbook Pro will create a new one. Then run the import wizard, select the .txt file I sent you, choose MINUTES from the options on the lower left of the first screen, then click next, click the checkbox that the first row contains column headers, then click next, map your columns (Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration are the minimum required) then save the map file, then click next/import to begin.

Well, the fifth time worked!!. But all my data did not transfer. Only 2341 out of 2402 records transferedresulting in missing flights. Is there an answer to that?
Logbook Pro requires the minimum columns of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration. If it doesn't meet these requirements, it will delete the entries as they are erroneous to Logbook Pro. What you could do is go into Options...Flight Log and clear the bottom most checkbox to disable the auto-purge routine, reimport and see if that was the issue.

Ok, before I do the import process again. How do I get the columns for the pic name and crew to import as well as the out and in times?
Hello Richard,

Please refer to the Import Wizard Documentation. The custom fields must be created in Options...Custom such as for Crew, etc. so they become available when you use the Import Wizard. Out/In/Takeoff/Landing times and Approach data do not import from FlightLevel. The times are of no value after the flight is logged anyways, so the only loss is approach data.

I did as you asked and disabled the auto purge and reimported. It still only imported 2313 out of 2402 records and 198.8 hours are missing. Am I going to be able to resolve this?

I suggest opening up the export file you were provided in a program such as Microsoft Excel. View the data and see if there is information missing that doesn't meet the requirements. For example, I see quite a few entries starting around May 2005 that do not have a Type or Ident, and two rows are blank altogether. You would have to make sure every row is correctly filled in, I'm not sure why this information is missing in a few rows here and there. The other thing is to try and figure out if you're data is good up until around the end of May 2005, then enter the missing rows. You aren't that far off with 2313 out of about 2400 (two rows I show as totally blank) to where you could have it resolved in an hour or so of entering the missing data.

The hours aren't going to be exact as FlightLevel records time in minutes and Logbook Pro uses the hours.tenths system, so there is going to be some disparity based off of a potential 6 minute deviation per flight. However, I believe once you've entered the missing flights that appear to be an issue starting in May '05, you're going to be very close.

That's what I thought you were going to say. So if I open the txt. file in excel and go through all the records and verify all the times how do I save the file as a txt. file to reimport it. I'm not that computer savy. I know it will take a while but I guess it will be worth it to invest the time to be able to use it. Thanks, we'll talk later as I get into it.
Well, I finally made it through all the records and verified and replaced the missing ones(about 57 or so). A couple of things to start as I proceed.

1. Although both Flight level and logbook pro have the same exact records. The flight times agree exactly, I am curious why logbook pro shows 42 more flights than flight level?
2. Where do you add the per diem rate to be calculated by logbook pro?

3. Will Logbook pro calculate the pay for each trip if the value is in the aircraft cost area?

Thanks for now next am going to get caught up adding last months flights using APDL just to get familiar with it and to see how it imports to LBP.
Hello Richard,

I don't know the answer to #1, Logbook Pro counts the legs column for the total number of flights

Per Diem is entered manually, there is no automatic calculation

Logbook Pro does not automatically calculate pay, however does have expense columns for tracking monetary data as desired.

If you fly under FAR 121, you may want to check out our Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook for a PDA device which syncs data to Logbook Pro.

Side note. When I bought logbook pro & APDL I also bought a disk. When can I expect to recieve the disk? I haven't recieved it as of yet.
Thanks, Got the CD today!! New Problem!! I am putting previous flights into APDL to get used to the program and then ran active sync to import to logbook pro. Nothing happens and no flights show up in logbook pro. I guess I am doing it right, I'm not sure. There is no information that I can find to explain the sync process.????????
Hello Richard,

Please review the SingleSync documentation which is installed with SingleSync, then configure the SingleSync program paying particular attention to wizard page 3.

The documentation (PDF) is also available on our APDL Portal.

Thanks, I will do that. Another question: If I create custom text fields for crew (Self expainatory) and trip (SEQ#). APDL has those fields in the PPC program. Will they transfer over to the custom fields in logbook pro when I sync it?