How do i download my trips into APDL

I did all of that already. shows 17 lines under My Trips, some multi-day trips, some 1-day trips and some airport ready reserve assignments. APDL on the iPod shows me an alert saying that I have 17 trips ready to import. When I go to Importer it tells me No trips to import. Obviously I tried the refresh button, numerous times, thinking there might be a delay or something. Why is it not allowing the import? It imported one trip from the first part of December, I had to go in and add the N-number manually. That 4-day is still there but none of the others will import. Did I try to do too many at once?. There is a grayed-out option to import all trips under Bulk Trips but it won't let me select it.
OK, signed out. Logged back in to (it timed me out) then logged into APDL on the iPod with the same username and password. I was greeted with that same message that there were 17 trips to import. When I went to Importer it still tells me no trips to import. Clicking on refresh shows very briefly 'checking cloud for trips'. But it seems like APDL already has the trips somewhere because it already knows about them. Or is it just getting a message from that there are trips but it can't download them?
Yes, that's how I knew that I imported one trip. That and the fact that I had to enter N-numbers for it. There are no other activities showing. And that one trip that imported is no longer in the list of My Trips in I guess I could Clear the trips and start over and try again but that doesn't really help you solve the issue.
I assume you can access the trip data that's in my page. Do you see anything with it that would foul up the import process?
It should be very basic, import your trips on the portal or from within the app. Go to the "Importer" area and they should be listed as you see it at then you tap to Import your trips. Try clearing your trips from then import again and see if that does anything.
In the meantime should I, and would it make a difference if I, tried clearing out the trips in and went through the process again with only one or two trips at a time?
Apparently I was asking that question while you were responding.
I assumed it should be very simple, that's why I was surprised at having the issues. I'll delete the trips in and reprocess and import them a couple at a time.
I deleted everything and processed 3 trips (2 airport ready assignments and a 2-day trip) and it told me that I had those trips to import but wouldn't import them. I then deleted everything again from and processed just the 2-day trip and it allowed me to import that one.
Does that mean that I'm going to have to do each individual trip by itself? How have others been importing their trips, singly or month at a time?
OK, Neal, so here's more information. I'm trying to test the parameters of this importing problem and I think I have it narrowed down, possibly, to the airport ready assignments. It allowed me to import 3 trips at a time when NONE of them were airport ready only with no actual flight legs. But it would not import even one trip at a time if it was an airport ready reserve with no flight legs. It did allow an airport ready reserve assignment to import when it contained two legs of flying.
So, is anyone else importing airport ready reserve assignments using schedule importer and if so how are they doing it?
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