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How SLOOOOOW is your PPC Logbook Pro Companion?


Nov 19, 2001
I have to imagine that even though I see no one else mentioning this that there are other complaints, or that even you have noticed that this program is slow. There are times when I think that the program must have crashed, while I wait for it to switch back to some other screen. Along with all the other things I mentioned before, can we look forward to an increase in speed in the next edition?

BTW i'm using a PPC Audiovox Meastro (206 strongarm processor)
It works well on my Dell AXIM 5 PPC under PPC 2003 running at 400 MHz. I haven't noticed anything in the way of slow response at all. If anything, there is a very slight oversensitivity to the up/down scroll functions on the Duration entry when I input flight data. Nothing significant, but if you aren't used to it, it can buffer a little on the taps there. That's the only 'problem' (using that term lightly), I noted.

No matter where you go, there you are!
Very slow. Axim X30 624mhz. The reason I came to this forum at the moment was actually to see if anyone else complains about the speed of the application. It takes me about 6-8 seconds to start it up.
Initial startup may be slow as Logbook Pro forces a full closing of the application on exit which is not normal for Pocket PC applications. Pocket PC's are inherently slow which is why the Pocket PC actually keeps applications running in the background and closes them when memory runs low. Typically you are 'hiding' an application when you think you're closing it, yet Logbook Pro is actually fully released from memory. This is going to be reviewed in the version 2 series to focus on performance as it will be built on a completely new framework.