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Log Book Pro Companion


Jun 7, 2005
I have had LBP Companion (evaluation copy) on my Palm Tungsten T5 for a year now. I use APDL as my main entry program for LBP. I have not used Companion since I loaded it so I would like to remove it. I am starting to run out of room on my Palm. I assume doing a delete of (LBP Companion) the program would be the easiest way. I also noticed the AppForge program is there also, and it is quite large. I am not sure if LBP Companion is the only program using it or not. Do you know of any other palm programs using it? I would like to know before deleting that progam also.

I do not know how to determine if other programs are using AppForge. To remove Logbook Pro you need to first uninstall "Logbook Pro Palm Companion" and "AppForge Universal Conduit" from your PC's Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. Then on the Palm device, remove: "Lbk Pro" "AppForge" and anything with the name "ingot" in the name.

Is the only program to use AppForge Universal Conduit from NC Software Logbook Pro Palm Companion or to ask it a different way, if I remove AppForge Universal Conduit will Log Book Pro and ADPL still work correctly on both my Palm and PC.