How to add flights from paper log books to Standard Edition


New member
Aug 30, 2003

I have over 1,300 hours of time from paper log booksthat currently exists in my Standard Edition database in the form of 2 summary entries.

I would like to get all of the detail into Logbook Pro without deleting the two summary entries before I'm ready to add all of the old flight data and without adding the old data piece mealto the same file that contains the summary entries.

This is not a project that's going to get done at one sitting and I don't want to distort my totals while the project is in progress.

Is there a wayto use the program tocreate a database of the old flight data and then import it or sync it or something?
You could do this with the Enterprise Edition, it allows multiple data files. The other option is to use the Analyzer for your information, and click the 'Aircraft Make & Model' down arrow above the types listing and deselect the 'Transfer' type you created and it will be removed from the totals. For more info on the power of the Analyzer, check out the videos from They may help you in this project.