How to export/import Continental flight time?


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Sep 15, 2006
Does anyone know how to get CAL flight time into Logbook Pro Professional Edition from the CCS website? I do not have a PDA. I want to export from the CCS website directly into LP. I have tried to cut and paste pairing details into Excel with no luck importing...

At my previous airline, I could export an excel file, which as we know, allows for an easy import process with a personalized template file.

Could anyone take the mystery out?

Thank you for you time,

Hello Dan,

If you have excel data, or even better, CSV or TAB delimited data, you can use Logbook Pro's Import Wizard as long as you have information as discussed in our recent newsletter. However, it sounds like you may want to use our APDL product on a PDA which has a free schedule importer which you can copy/paste trips into and then it will go to APDL for you to track your FAR 121 specifics, then use the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro to sync APDL (with your CAL data) into Logbook Pro.

So...I need the APDL product with the Schedule Importer. Can I use this program to import directly from the APDL product into my Logbook with out using a sync with a PDA or Pocket PC? Must I purchase a PDA or Pocket PC?
The APDL Schedule Importer only imports to the APDL product at this time. Therefore you will have to have a licensed edition of APDL installed on a PDA (Palm or Pocket PC). Then once the flights are imported AND your trip is flown, you can sync APDL to Logbook Pro using the built in PDA Wizard inside Logbook Pro. You can purchase APDL by clicking here.

I understand how to get the time into LP now. Thank you.

I updated my Logbook Pro Professional Edition and now it is APDL compatible. Please confirm that I will need to purchase additional PDA APDL software for my new PDA? My LPPE license will not entitle me to the PDA software, correct?