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Nov 5, 2006
South Florida
im not super computer boy but i can learn. how to start == i have 1600+ hours to put in from a log book. some 8 single, 5 multi aircraft, turbin 121 and about 50 n-numbers. i have watched the videos (not much help, ie put your info hear) looks like a very strong tool if you know how to use it! i have also palm TX to set up (apdl) with saber crewtrac.
any one have good pointers for the nubee!
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Hello Erin,

Welcome to Logbook Pro and APDL. As you go along, you'll learn as you go and see that the software is quite intuitive. The next thing is to review the documentation installed with the software. In Logbook Pro click Help...Contents (or use the Start...All Programs...Logbook Pro access to the documentation) and APDL installs a PDF to your PC accessed from the Start menu as well. As for entering your prior data, we have a data entry service if interested.
No, just the documentation. It's very simple, go into the Options...Aircraft and add your A/C Types. After that, go into the Logbook area and just enter the data such as the date of your flight, aircraft, route, duration, then go to the next row and keep on adding data. Don't be afraid to just dive in and enter data. Again, review the documentation and video tutorials if it makes you feel more comfortable.