I hate to be a nudge...


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Aug 12, 2006
..but, I'm most likely going to break-down and buy the iPad 2 tomorrow and I must get something 100% crystal clear. I understand LBP apps are free. However, if all I have is an iPad, APDL, and LBP for PC, which subscription service(s) do I need?

The way I see it it's one of two possible answers:

1. I need only the Airline Schedule Importer

2. I need both the Airline Schedule Importer AND the single-device Cloud sync subscription to the iPad.

Clarificaton please?


Hello Eric,

The iPad 2 is nice, you'll like it! Here is what you'll need:

1) To import schedules to any destination (APDL, PC, iPhone/iPad app) you'll need the schedule importer subscription

2) Cloud sync is the mechanism to sync between an app and Logbook Pro PC edition, it has nothing to do with schedule importing. They are completely separate. You probably will only need the cloud sync device subscription which is $19.99, the app itself is free. For more info click here. Click here for the KB article on schedule importing vs. cloud sync subscriptions to help clear any confusion.

If you have any further questions feel free to reply and I'll gladly answer.

The SI subscription goes from online portal to APDL, PC, and iPad app. Got that.

Now all I would need to do is wait until I get home and hotsync my Palm Treo to my PC to upload my finished trip data. In order for those uploaded flights to get from my PC to my iPad I would need the single-device sync subscription.

Please tell me I'm finally getting this!


You can continue to use your Palm Treo and log whatever you want in there and continue to sync it with Logbook Pro PC as before. Anything you add to your iPad will be synced via the cloud sync to the PC. When you first setup your iPad you'll get a free 30 day cloud sync subscription with the free app.

You may also want to review the documentation and video tutorials - as needed.