Import via Excel Spreadsheet?


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Jun 24, 2008

I'm considering buying Logbook Pro.

Here's the problem. I've been flying since 1989, professionally since 1996. I have over 9000 hours in three logbooks.

I want to be accurate, but I don't want to go back and enter line-by-line from my old logbooks. There is a retired accountant in my neighborhood who said she would be willing to enter my times into the program, but wants to do it from her home in her free time.

So here's the question:

Can I have her set up an Excel spreadsheet that I can just import into logbook pro?

Or is there some other way that you can think of that she can do this WITHOUT me having to bring her over to my house (to the computer I downloaded Logbook Pro onto)?

Thanks in advance!

Your suggestion of an Excel worksheet would work fine but I have a better solution that will also yield a more accurate accounting of your time.

Please purchase Logbook Pro Professional Edition. It allows the owner to install it on two computer. You can then create a master and clone file. You can keep the master on your computer and give her the clone. You both can enter data and seamlessly merge the files into one when you are done by using the sync wizard.

We also offer data entry services .

Let me know if I can be of any futher help.
Thank you for the prompt response.

If I do save an excel spreadsheet in the tab delimited file, what to the column headings need to be in order for Logbook pro to recognize them and put them in the right place?

The ones I have in my paper logbook that I would like to use if I buy the software are:

Date, AC make/model, AC ID, SEL, MEL Turbine, X/C, Day, Night, IFR, PIC, SIC, Total

Thanks again!
The columns do not need to be saved in any order. The import wizard allows you to assign (map) data to a specifc column during the import.

DATE, MAKE/MODE, TAIL, ROUTE, and DURATION (total) are the minimum required. ASEL, AMEL, DAY, & TURBINE do not need to be entered as this information can be compiled using the analyzer at any time. ASEL, AMEL, DAY, TURBINE, etc are compiled by the program based on how you set up your aircraft in that area.

Note, if you do decide to use Excel please make sure to keep track of stray spaces. C-172, C 172, and C-172_ are all seen as different aircraft.

In my opinion the best way to enter all your data would be using the professional version with the master and clone logbooks then cobine them when you are done.