Importing from Jeppesen

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
The old logbook is Jeppesen MentorPlus Flitelog 2.31 for Wingow 95
Flighttime is entered in hours.tenths. The route is in "FROM-VIA-TO" format in 3 columns.

My current 121 time exists in HH:mm format (on paper).

Please keep these facts in mind when replying.

Q1: Importing
Have "Via" in previous logbook. Is it better to merge cell contents (for the route) in an Excell spreadsheet and then import OR manually add the "Via" after LBP imports the data?

Q1a: Aircraft info during Importing
After flights have been imported LBP asks for acft ID on unknown tailnumbers. Should I enter acft IDs before starting the import to take advantage of any Autofill capability? How do I overcome the FAA definition change of high-performance/complex,

Q2: Autofill & changes
When do changes to autofill take effect? How do I change previous entries?

Q3: Manual clean-up after Importing
After import (best case) how much manual work should I expect to remain?

Q4: Dummy/Experimental logbooks to learn/import
Can I create a dummy/experimental file to effect the import from Jeppesen MentorPlus Flitelog?
And can I simultaneously have a “true” logbook file to enter my current and future flights, while I catch up on the old stuff?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If these questions should be separated into their own threads, please go ahead.

Q1: Logbook Pro will import either a combined route or a from and to. Therefore you need to take into account the via PRIOR to importing

Q1a: I would satisfy the required columns of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM) prior to import. For unknowns, I suggest using "N/A" or "Unknown" otherwise Logbook Pro may purge the row when it checks for completeness

Q2: Autofill fires when the Duration changes

Q3: Really depends on the incoming data. Typically none unless you want to go through and re-enter information such as approaches that typically are not imported

Q4: Enterprise Editions allow unlimited files, Standard and Professional use one file for one pilot's logbook.