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Importing TAB Delimited info, need more options


Nov 15, 2004
I'm importing info from an old, home-brewed log book I managed to get on Excel tab-delimted file. There is of course a columns for duration, PIC and SIC, etc.

Q: Can I only import times to the duration column? There are so many entries I have and many other columns to fill in, cut and paste.

If so, is there an easy way to copy, cut and paste once it's in LB Pro from duration column to its respective SEL, MEL, PIC/SIC? Is there any other procedure you would recommend? Is there a future revision to resolve this?

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

Logbook Pro's logbook area, which you are importing to, does not require many of the traditional columns of redundant data such as SEL, MEL, i.e. aircraft category & class columns. Logbook Pro allows you to configure this per aircraft type in Options...Aircraft and when a log entry contains this Type and a Duration, the computer can automatically figure out the times you traditionally logged, without having to log them manually, such as Category, Class, Complex, etc.

If you need additional columns other then the default columns, including PIC/SIC, etc. in Logbook Pro's log area, first configure them in the Options...Custom area, then they will be available as targets for importing.