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Nov 6, 2008
Hey folks. I apologize if I'm repeating other posts but it's late and I have not had a chance to search through the many posts here.

I'm in Canada and as I'm sure some are aware when applying for the ATPL transport canada LOVES details. I'm in a spot here where I need the breakdown for:


Now I've found the first level to the analyzer for all my other information, but is there a way of FURTHER breaking down the data for my needs??? As it appears to me right now, the master filter only allows me to get into the data at a MAX of two levels.. That is.. Say setting the MASTER to DUAL then looking at the X-Cntry time... But what I need is a way to see HOW MANY HOURS I FLEW X-CNTRY AT NIGHT AS EITHER DUAL OR PIC and the same for day.

Hope that is clear enough..

Thanks. Looked into that. I'm still not seeing the values I need. I need actual coloums showing DAY DUAL, NIGHT DUAL, NIGHT PIC, etc... under a master cross country filter. I don't see how I can get that to show up. Probably just not understanding the process.

I see the breakdown with Cross-Country as a master filter, with total night hours cross country and PIC time. Here is an example. On a 172, I have 84.5 hours of X-Cntry time towards my 3108.7 TOTAL X-CNTRY time. That still doesn't tell me, of those 84.5 hours, what was done at night as DUAL and PIC. It just has a total for NIGHT cross country.

[Cross Country]
[Dual] - [PIC] - [SIC]

That's just a visual way of explaining what I'm trying to do here. Anyway as said before I'm probably just not getting it. For now I'll plow through my log with a calculator and manually break it down.

Thanks though.


Please read the following. I believe it will answer your question.

Logbook Pro Analyzer Help.
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Indeed... Thanks. Still not what I am looking for. The totals as displayed when using the analyzer are not the correct breakdowns I need, they just don't add up correctly at all. Anyway, the solution as I've found is to make 6 additional coloums in the logbook, DAY DUAL XC, DAY PIC XC, DAY SIC XC, and repeated for night. With that done I have the data seperated and displayed as I need it for a TC ATPL application. Whatever the solution used, I'm still thankful to have this all in electronic format.

Thank-you for your help on this matter.


Please see this newsletter article for tips on using the Analyzer.