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Individual Aircraft Expenses


May 21, 2002
Hello All,

Since reantal aircraft are very seldom the same price for the same type aircraft, I'd like to assign a cost to each N number rather that type aircraft. This would provide a much more realistic cost breakdown of rentals.


I third this one....as I continue to fill in the blanks from 1974 the price of a Cessna 150 from then to now has changed as well. So pricing is not just N number dependent but changes over time also. And yes I am from time to time flying some of the same planes that I flew back in the 70's! Donno how to address that one. But if you really want that cost line accurate..........but then maybe ya just don't want to know!!
You can manually enter the cost in the flight log portion. The calculation rate is for essentially adding new entries to auto-calculate the cost for you. However, you can always override the value in the log area itself for this purpose.