Install Error Message 1722


Jun 26, 2005
I had to do a hard reset on a Dell Axim X51. I tried reinstalling your software but I get an error message saying error 1722. I am unable to reinstall your software. Please help.
Doug Bryson
Unable to uninstall software

When I tried to uninstall the software from the add/remove as you suggested, I got the following error message.
"Error 1722. There is a problem with windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package sender."
Is this a windows problem or your program problem?
This is a problem with Windows. I suggest getting the "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility" then install/run this utility and remove any traces of the specific program you are trying to install/uninstall. After doing so, reboot and reattempt the installation.
Thanks, Also How Do I restore my data

I have a backup of all my old APDL Data. How do I move it back??

Thanks alot for the previous information. Your suggestion worked. What
Ever they pay you, its not enough!!! I hate microsoft.................
1) From your PDA if APDL is running, click "Options" and "Exit" to end the program.

2) Using the "Explore" button on ActiveSync on your PC, navigate to your PDA's "My Documents\APDL" folder.

3) Copy the contents of "C:\program files\\[8 digit pocket pc id]\apdl\backup" to your PDA's "My Documents\APDL" folder.

4) Restart APDL, all data from the backup will be restored.

As to why your data was lost ? We store the data in the "My Documents" folder so it is not associated with the application. Removing an application will not remove the data. However, Loss of Backup Battery, Hard Reset, or Restore from a backup prior to APDL will remove the "My Documents\APDL" folder.

Running APDL SingleSync will create a backup to your c:\program files\ folder. Routine backups of this folders are recommend for long-term backups of your APDL data.